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Florida is considered the Fishing Capital of the World, because of its diversity of sport fishes, habitats, year-round fishing and great weather. The National Forests in Florida share these attributes. Fishing for sunfish, crappie, catfish and striped bass, on waters of these forests have always been popular with anglers, but the Florida largemouth bass is undoubtedly the favorite. Forest lakes and rivers have historically been recognized as habitat for prime trophy largemouth bass, with bass larger than 10 pounds having been taken from most, if not all of these waters.

The Apalachicola National Forest offers a variety of fishing experiences. The best fishing times occur in spring and summer as water temperature increases, but fishing is good year-round. Most anglers fish the lakes and rivers from boats, but there are opportunities for shoreline, bank, or wade fishing. Access to some of these larger lakes and rivers may be concrete boat ramps off of surfaced roads suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles, but many are approachable only by 4 wheel drive vehicles on dirt roads or by walking.

Sport fishing is encouraged throughout the National Forests in Florida, but a few sites, such as swimming beaches and spring heads, have fishing restrictions. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulate fishing and produce a Fishing Handbook that outlines specific rules, bag limits, licensing, and health advisories.

Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website for more fishing, boating and safety information.

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