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OHV Trail Riding

Many roads and trails are open to dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) called off-highway vehicles (OHVs). Roads and trails are designated, by the MVUM, as open or closed to various types of motorized vehicles. Bikes and vehicles must meet all state standards and regulations for noise levels, spark arresters, age of riders, helmet requirements and other
restrictions. Your dirt bike or vehicle must be registered with Colorado State Parks.

OHV Trail Riding Areas

  • Boulder Ranger District, west of Boulder area description
  • Lefthand OHV Trailhead
  • Canyon Lakes Ranger District, west of Fort Collins area description
  • Donner Pass Trail (#926)
  • Killpecker Trail (#956)
  • Lookout Mountain Trail (#934)
  • Swamp Creek Cutoff (#970)
  • Sulphur Ranger District, near Winter Park & Granby area description
  • Idleglen Trailhead
  • Keyser Ridge Trailhead
  • North Supply Trailhead