Boating - Motorized

Paddle quietly among the many lakes and reservoirs
found throughout the forests, such as Shadow Mountain,
Brainard, Dowdy and Chambers. A few lakes are large
enough to allow motorized boating. Be sure to check with Colorado State Parks and register your boat if necessary
(see back cover). Contact the local ranger district office
to find out what is allowed and not allowed when you are canoeing or boating.

Boating - Motorized Areas

  • Canyon Lakes Ranger District, west of Fort Collins area description
  • Chambers Lake Boating Site
  • Chambers Lake Campground
  • Chambers Lake Picnic Site
  • Dowdy Lake Campground
  • Dowdy Lake Picnic Site
  • West Lake Campground
  • Sulphur Ranger District, near Winter Park & Granby area description
  • Arapaho National Recreation Area area description
  • Green Ridge Boating Site
  • Stillwater Boating Site
  • Stillwater Campground
  • Sunset Point Boating Site
  • Sunset Point Campground