Many areas often have excellent snow conditions for snowmobiling. Snowmobiles are never allowed in wilderness areas or the Fraser Experimental Forest. Ranger district offices can direct you to areas with reliable snow cover. Be sure to register your snowmobile with Colorado State Parks.

Snowmobile Use Map for Sulphur Ranger District

Snowmobiling Areas

  • Canyon Lakes Ranger District, west of Fort Collins area description
  • Bald Mountain Road (#517)
  • Cameron Pass Winter Recreation
  • Greenridge Road (#177, #319)
  • Laramie River Road
  • Long Draw Parking (Winter) Trailhead
  • Clear Creek Ranger District, near Idaho Springs area description
  • Jones Pass Trailhead
  • Sulphur Ranger District, near Winter Park & Granby area description
  • Doe Creek Trailhead
  • Idleglen Trailhead