Cabin Rentals

Guard Stations located on the Ashley National Forest, Vernal Ranger District, were once used solely for administrative purposes. Before the advent of modern vehicles Forest rangers would spend their summers at these cabins to conduct work associated with forestry, rangeland monitoring, fire weather and lookouts, and much more. These cabins and their outbuildings housed employees, horses, and primitive vehicles. With the development of modern vehicles and road improvements these Guard Stations became used less frequently. Rather than abandon these sites, the V...

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Cabin Rentals Areas

  • Hwy. 191N Travel Area area description
  • Carter Military Trail Yurt
  • Colton Guard Station
  • Flaming Gorge NRA area description
  • Flaming Gorge West area description
  • Summit Springs Guard Station
  • Grizzly Ridge Yurt
  • Limber Flag Yurt
  • Paradise Guard Station
  • Trout Creek Guard Station