Boating - Non-Motorized

Photo of a raft floating down the river.

The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam also provides adventures for non-motorized water craft meeting state and federal regulations for river running. Twenty six miles of the Green River are open to approved water craft without permit. Permits from the National Park Service are needed for the 26 miles of the Green River within the Dinosaur National Monument.

Boating - Non-Motorized Areas

  • Hwy. 191N Travel Area area description
  • East Park Boat Ramp
  • East Park Campground
  • Flaming Gorge NRA area description
  • Flaming Gorge East area description
  • Cedar Springs Campground
  • Dam Point Picnic Site
  • Firehole Campground
  • Green River Camps area description
  • Big Pine I River Camp
  • Big Pine II River Camp
  • Bootleg River Camp
  • Cats Paw River Camp
  • Cottonwood River Camp
  • Sand River Camp
  • Trails End River Camp
  • Greens Lake Campground
  • Little Hole Boat Launch Area
  • Spillway Boat Launch Area
  • Flaming Gorge West area description
  • Browne Lake Campground
  • Buckboard Crossing Campground
  • Hideout Boat-In Campground
  • Long Park Boat Launch Area
  • Lucerne Campground
  • Hwy. 44W Travel Area area description
  • Moon Lake Campground
  • Upper Stillwater Boat Ramp Boating Site

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