Horse Riding & Camping

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Some trailheads on the Bighorn National Forest have hitching posts and loading ramps. If you are camping for more than a few days, please move your animals around to avoid impacts to the land.

Please take steps to leave no trace where you camp. If you plan to camp in bear country,  make sure you obtain and understand special safety and food storage regulations.

There are certified weed-seed-free feed requirements for livestock used on the Bighorn National Forest. Begin feeding weed-seed-free feed to your livestock two days before your trip begins.

People unfamiliar with livestock may not know what to do when they encounter you on the trail. Please begin the conversation to let them know what to do to safely pass you on the trail.

Caution: Some roads cannot handle some of the newer types of horse trailers (ones with the attached living quarters) because of their length.  Please call ahead for current road conditions.

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