Geocaching & Letterboxing

Geocaching began in 2000 as an outdoor adventure game for global positioning system (GPS) users.  The basic idea is that individuals and organizations set up caches and share the location’s GPS coordinates on the internet. Several websites provide maps, info, blogs (users “chat” about their finds, etc.) and links to GPS companies. GPS users then use the location coordinates to find caches. There are a variety of types:

  • Standard Cache - Container with a log book and/or various “prizes” (plastic toys, books, cards, etc). The geocacher signs logbook and/or removes an item from the cache, replacing with an item they have brought. 
  • Virtual Cache – Nothing physical left on sight. Geocacher may photograph as “proof” or simply describe on website.
  • Variations on these include treasure hunts (clues lead you to other caches), travel bugs (tag attached to an item carried from cache to cache or person to person in the real world, progress followed online), etc.

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