There areĀ 26 developed picnic areas scattered throughout the Forest. Most have restroom facilities available.

Picnicking Areas

  • Central Hills - Rapid City area description
  • Deerfield Reservoir Complex area description
  • Lake Shore Picnic Area
  • Mountain City Picnic Area
  • Pactola Reservoir Complex area description
  • Jenney Gulch Picnic Area
  • Pactola Point Picnic Area
  • Veterans Point Picnic Area
  • Sheridan Lake Complex area description
  • Dakota Point Picnic Area
  • Sheridan North Picnic Area
  • Sheridan South Picnic Area
  • Spring Creek Picnic Area
  • Northern Hills-Spearfish area description
  • Dalton Lake Picnic Area
  • Long Valley Picnic Area
  • Mount Roosevelt Picnic Area
  • Steamboat Rock Picnic & Tent Camping Area
  • Strawberry Picnic & Tent Camping Area
  • Northwestern Hills - Sundance area description
  • Cook Lake Recreation Area
  • Southern Hills - Custer area description
  • Bismarck Lake Picnic Area
  • Breezy Point Picnic Area
  • Iron Mountain Picnic Area
  • J.H. Keith Cascade Falls Picnic Area
  • J.H. Keith Cascade Springs Picnic Area
  • Lakota Lake Picnic Area