XC Skiing/Snowshoeing

Cross Country Skiing at Eagle Cliff

Several of the Forest's hiking trails are open to cross-country skiing during the winter months, including the Dugout Gulch Botanical Trail (Trail #77), the Eagle Cliff Trails (Trail #68), and the Beaver Creek Ski Trails (Trail #111). 

Big Hill Trails (Trail #72) & Eagle Cliff (Trail #68) are groomed for cross-country skiing in cooperation with the Black Hills Nordic Ski Club.

XC Skiing/Snowshoeing Areas

  • Central Hills - Rapid City area description
  • Deerfield Reservoir Complex area description
  • Gold Run Trailhead
  • North Shore Trailhead
  • Deerfield Trailheads (Trail #40) area description
  • Deerfield Lake Loop Trailheads (Trail #40L) area description
  • Dougherty Trailhead
  • Kinney Canyon Trailhead
  • Northern Hills-Spearfish area description
  • Big Hill Trailhead (Trail #72)
  • Eagle Cliff Trailheads (Trail #68) area description
  • Bratwurst Trailhead (Trail #68)
  • Holey Rock Trailhead (Trail # 68)
  • Rimrock Trailhead (Trail #79)
  • Northwestern Hills - Sundance area description
  • Carson Draw Trail System Trailhead (Trail #87)
  • Reuter Trailhead
  • Southern Hills - Custer area description
  • Beaver Creek Ski System Trailhead area description
  • Porcupine Trailhead
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