OHV Trail Riding




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The Boise National Forest offers may miles of OHV travel trails. Many routes are located near the campgrounds.

The open trails, roads and areas are identified on the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs)  They are available at Ranger District Offices and can be printed from the Maps & Publications page o...

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OHV Trail Riding Areas

  • Cascade Ranger District and Office area description
  • Dollar Creek Way Trail
  • East Mountain Way Trail
  • Gold Fork North Trail
  • Needles Route Trail
  • Wilson Creek Trail
  • Emmett Ranger District and Office area description
  • Airline Trail
  • Alley Trail
  • Bear Wallow Trail
  • Bull Creek Trail
  • Joe's Creek Trail
  • Long Fork Silver Creek / Bitter Creek Trail
  • Middle Fork Payette River Trail
  • One Spoon Trail
  • Onion Valley Trail
  • Peace Creek Trail
  • Rattlesnake Trail
  • Silver Creek Summit Trail
  • West Mountain Trail - (Emmett)
  • Wet Foot Trail
  • Wilson Corrals Trail
  • Idaho City Ranger District and Office area description
  • Lowman Ranger District and Office area description
  • Bitter Creek Trail (Lowman)
  • Blue Jay Trail
  • Deadwood Ridge Trail
  • Gates Creek Trail
  • Habit Creek Trail
  • Jackson Peak Trail
  • Julie Creek Trail
  • Kirkham Ridge Trail
  • Link Trail
  • Nellie's Basin Trail
  • Stratton Creek Trail - (Lowman RD)
  • Ten Mile Ridge Trail
  • Wapiti Creek Trail
  • Warm Springs Trail
  • Wyoming-Fir Creek Trail
  • Mountain Home Ranger District and Office area description
  • Camp Creek Trail
  • Crosscut South Trail
  • Danskin Mountain OHV Area Trail(s)
  • Deer Creek Ridge Trail
  • Green Creek Trail
  • Lava Mountain Trail
  • Wilson Flats Trail System
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