Dispersed Camping

Dispersed Camping (Undeveloped Camping)

The Forest Service uses the term "Dispersed Camping" to mean that visitors to the Forest are camping outside of a developed campground facility.  This means that visitors are simply finding a place in the forest where they can drive to in order to camp for free where no development other than a road exists.


  • Camping (Tent, Car, or RV camping) anywhere in the National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground. In undeveloped areas of the forest, there are no services (such as potable water and trash removal) and generally no facilities (such as tables and restrooms.)
  • Stay limits on the Bridger-Teton National Forest are generally 16 days with the exception of the Jackson Ranger District and Moran area.  
    • After 14 days you must move 5 road miles from your original campsite. After an additional 7 days, you my return to your original campsite if desired.

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Dispersed Camping Areas

  • Blackrock Ranger District area description
  • Hatchet/Flagstaff Area area description
  • Togwotee Pass Area area description
  • Dispersed Camping Areas (Undeveloped Campground)
  • Greys River Corridor area description
  • Smith Fork Area area description
  • Star Valley Front area description
  • Jackson Ranger District area description
  • Shadow Mountain/Ditch Creek Area area description
  • Kemmerer Ranger District area description
  • Hams Fork Area area description
  • LaBarge Creek Area area description
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