Swimming Areas

  • Greys River Ranger District area description
  • Stump Lake Trailhead
  • Cottonwood Boating Site
  • Cottonwood Lake Campground
  • Cottonwood Lake Group Campground
  • Cottonwood Lake Group Picnic Site
  • Jackson Ranger District area description
  • Atherton Creek Boating Site
  • Atherton Creek Campground
  • Goodwin Lake Trail
  • Granite Hot Springs Pool
  • Ski Lake Trail
  • Pinedale Ranger District area description
  • Fremont Lake Campground and Group Campground
  • Green River Lake Campground
  • Half Moon Lake Campground
  • New Fork Group Campground
  • New Fork Lake Campground
  • Sandy Beach Picnic Area
  • Sandy Beach Swimming Area
  • Sylvan Bay Swimming Area
  • The Narrows Campground
  • Willow Lake Campground

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities