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While much of the Forest is open to dispersed camping, there are several sites set aside as designated dispersed camping sites, listed below. Pick up or download a free Motor Vehicle Use Map to know where it is legal to drive. See Guidelines for information and policies, and Specific Sites for more details and contact information.

Know before you go! Be aware extreme winter weather or flooding risks can necessitate the closure of forest roads at different times of the year. Many forest roads that lead to dispersed campsites may be closed during seasonal road closures, so please check the Forest Road Status web page for more information about the status of forest roads in each District.

Fire restrictions may be in place. During fire restrictions, campfires, fires, and charcoal fires are not permitted in dispersed camping areas. This includes both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Fire Restrictions. Gas operated devices with an on/off switch are allowed. Where can I have a campfire during Stage I Fire Restrictions?


Areas Closed to Dispersed Camping

See Forest Orders for information and maps of these and other closures.

Dispersed Camping Areas

  • Flagstaff Ranger District
  • Cinder Hills Off Highway Vehicle Area
  • Marshall Lake
  • Pumphouse Wash (FR 237) Dispersed Camping Area
  • Wing Mountain Dispersed Camping
  • Mogollon Rim Ranger District
  • Jack's Canyon Camping and Climbing Area
  • Red Rock Ranger District
  • Childs Dispersed Camping Area
  • West Clear Creek

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