Target Shooting

Photo of the Chestnut Mountan Shooting RangeShooting ranges on the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests provide hunters and sportsmen the opportunity to hone their skills.  There are three shooting ranges on the Chattahoochee National Forest: the Chestnut Mountain, Sumac Creek, and the Darnell ranges. On the Oconee National Forest a brand new shooting range, the Cedar Creek Range, is now open.  The Trembling Bridge Range is closed indefinitely with no plans to reopen in the immediate future.


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Target Shooting Areas

  • Chattooga River District area description
  • Darnell Shooting Range
  • Conasauga Ranger District area description
  • Chestnut Mountain Shooting Range
  • Sumac Creek Shooting Range
  • Oconee Ranger District area description
  • Cedar Creek Shooting Range