Mountain Biking

One of the nation's great mountain biking locales, the Scenic Area offers great mountain biking! Please stay on the designated trail to protect sensitive resources and follow these tips:

  • Follow trail etiquette and right-of-way. Ask at a local shop which direction most trails flow.
  • Typically downhill riders yield (move aside) to uphill riders, even if they are going up a trail that typically favors riders descending.
  • Mountain bikers should always yield (move aside) to horses, hikers, and runners.
  • On weekends the trails can be crowded, so descend with enough control to allow yourself to stop in half your site distance at all times.
  • Leave no trace and pack out all your trash! Don't modify the trail or build any structures.
  • When the trail is extremely wet, consider an alternative activity or bike one of the paved trails in the Gorge to avoid contributing to erosion. 

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Mountain Biking Areas

  • Coyote Wall area description
  • Coyote Wall Trail (#4428)
  • Desert Parsley Trail
  • Labyrinth Trail (#4423)
  • Little Maui Trail (#4425)
  • Little Moab Trail (#4425)
  • Old Ranch Road Trail (#4426)
  • Raptor Trail (#4421)
  • Upper Labyrinth (#4424)
  • Gorge 400 Trail area description
  • Gorge 400 (MP 19.5 - 22.5) Wahclella to Eagle Crk
  • Gorge 400 (MP 22.5 - 25) Eagle Cr to Cascade Locks
  • Gorge 400 (MP 25 - 35) Cascade Locks to Wyeth
  • HCRH (US 30) - Hood River
  • HCRH State Trail - Twin Tunnels Segment
  • Klickitat Trail area description
  • Larch Mountain area description
  • Multnomah Creek Way Trail (#444)
  • Multnomah Spur Trail (#446)
  • Sandy River Delta area description
  • Confluence Trail (#4433)