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Scenic Driving

The Historic Columbia River Highway's Waterfall Zone is our most popular route, but stop-and-go traffic on most summer weekends means it's not the most leisurely drive. Check the Ready, Set, Gorge page for tips on avoiding congestion. For a more relaxing experience, head west to the High Plateau Zone, explore Washington’s Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway...

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Scenic Driving Areas

  • Historic Columbia River Highway area description
  • HCRH (US 30) - Hood River
  • HCRH (US 30) - Mosier to The Dalles
  • HCRH (US 30) - Waterfall Corridor
  • Lewis and Clark Trail Scenic Byway
  • Mt. Hood Scenic Byway
Areas & Activities


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    Scenic beauty, cascading waterfalls that glimmer in the sunshine, breathtaking views, and gourmet memories served on a silver platter seems like a fantasy that only fairy tale characters could enjoy. However, this fantasy can become a reality