No designated swimming areas are maintained by the Forest Service within the Scenic Area. If you choose to splash in local streams and watering holes, please use caution and carefully scout water levels and temperatures. Conditions just under the water are unpredictable, with strong currents, shifting rocks, sand, gravel, and logs all posing serious hazards. The Gorge’s streams tend to be frigid, so the risk of hypothermia is very real.

Alert: Please note cliff jumping is extremely dangerous and poses a significant risk of serious injury or death. It is prohibited by law at Punchbowl Falls on Eagle Creek, where there have been deaths in the past. Violators are subject to a $300 fine. 

Swimming Areas

  • Columbia River - Oregon Shoreline Access
  • Columbia River - Washington Shoreline Access
  • Dog Creek Falls Observation Site
  • Eagle Creek Day Use Area area description
  • Lower Punch Bowl Trail (#440B)