Winter Sports

Small forest stream with snow draping gently over the rocks.Kentucky winters are mild with only an occasional snowfall sufficient for skiing or other winter sports activities. Therefore, the forest does not offer any ski slopes or trails for snowmobiles.

The forest offers many lakes and ponds. However, due to the mild winter temperatures ice fishing is not an option for anglers on the forest.

We invite you to experience the beauty of the forest year round. A quiet walk in the woods after a new fallen snow provides an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest in a unique way often not seen during the busy summer season.

Watch for slippery roads. Downed trees, power outages and rock slides can also be caused by ice storms or by heavy wet snow. Although many roads will have clear sections exposed to sunlight, some roads will have icy sections due to shading and these surface conditions change with no warning. Use common sense on all roads and try to avoid unnecessary travel when the weather causes treacherous driving conditions.

Learn more about weather safety.


Snow or heavy rains can saturate and soften roadbed soils. Gravel roads might be closed to prevent road surface damages, reduce road maintenance costs, and promote visitor safety.

Once roadbed soils become saturated, vehicle traffic can cause significant road surface damage. The soft and muddy surface is easily rutted. Once the surface is damaged, grading with heavy equipment is required for resurfacing, and additional gravel must then be added. 

Contact the district office before planning your trip to check for road conditions and closures.