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Cycling is a great way to get around the National Forests in Florida. All three national forests allow cycling on most forest roads, which provide opportunities for wildlife viewing and diverse ecosystems.

The Apalachicola offers two designated bike trails -- the GF&A Rail Trail (paved) (area is unavailable). On the Ocala, mountain bikers can explore the Paisley Woods Bicycle Trail, a stretch of single-track from Alexander Springs to Clearwater Lake that winds through longleaf pine forests, palm-shaded hammocks and stretches of the Big Scrub.  

Biking Tips

  • Ride in control. Pass others slowly and in single file.
  • Speak up from a distance. Anticipate meeting riders around the bend as you approach turns.
  • Remain on center track, even if the trail is muddy. Dismount and walk if necessary. Please don't damage surrounding vegetation by riding across it.
  • Respect the land and route closures.
  • Help teach new riders proper trail etiquette.
  • Leave wildlife undisturbed.
  • Pack out litter!

Tread Lightly! 

Before you head out, think about another challenge - your responsibility to TREAD LIGHTLY! and protect the environment you enjoy. Here are the challenges to truly test your skill: 

Travel only on designated trails. 

Respect the rights of other forest users. 

Educate yourself by obtaining local maps and regulations. 

Avoid streambanks, wetlands, sinkholes, muddy roads and trails, wildlife and livestock. 

Drive and travel responsibly to protect the environment and preserve opportunities to recreate on wildlands.

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