Dispersed Camping

Dispersed camping, or camping outside of campgrounds, is permitted throughout most of the Forest! Always follow Leave No Trace principles and PACK-OUT all trash and leave the area cleaner than you found it.

The Motor Vehicle Use Map shows the roads, trails and areas where you can legally drive. These roads, trails and areas are designated by type of motor vehicle allowed and the allowable season of use. 

The following guidelines apply to anyone camping outside of developed campgrounds on the National Forest:


  • Camp 100 feet away from lakes and streams.
  • Camp outside of fragile meadows and restricted areas, preferably on bare or mineral soil.
  • Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. Clean up and remove any trash, manure and straw before leaving.
  • Avoid trenching.


Streams and lakes are home to many microscopic organisms; some of them can make you very sick! Treat your water or bring water from home. Never clean dishes in a stream or lake.


  • Have extra water & shovel available to extinguish your fire. Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Never burn plastic, aluminum or non-paper trash.  
  • Use an existing fire ring where available. If you need one, build it small and away from overhanging branches. 
  • Be sure your fire is DEAD OUT before you leave -- drown it, turn it, stir it until it's cool to the touch. 
  • Gather only dead and down wood for your campfire.

Human Waste

  • Choose a suitable spot at least 100 feet away from any stream or lake. Dig a hole 6 inches deep. After use, re-fill the hole with soil and replace the duff. This allows the waste to decompose naturally. Bury toilet paper in the same hole.
  • Empty built-in or portable toilets at sanitary dump stations.

Key Regulations:

The following rules are enforceable by up to a $5000 fine:

  • After 14 consecutive days, you are required to move off the ForestView Order.
  • Never cut standing trees36 CFR 261.6(a).
  • Never leave a fire unattended36 CFR 261.5(d).
  • It is prohibited to leave garbage, sewage, debris, or litter in an exposed or unsanitary condition, 36 CFR 261.11.
  • Follow  recreational shooting rules, 36 CFR 261.10(d).
  • Fireworks & exploding targets are prohibitedView Order.
  • It’s prohibited to use or possess an ATV or dirt bike when not at a site designated for use of that specific OHV type, 36 CFR 261.13.

Dispersed Camping Areas

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