OHV Trail Riding

A woman stands next to her street legal motorbikeThe free Motor Vehicle Use Map shows the roads, trails, and areas where you can legally drive your wheeled motor vehicles. These roads, trails and areas are designated by type of motor vehicle allowed and the allowable season of use.

All motor vehicle operators are required to know and follow the regulations displayed on the Motor Vehicle Use Map when driving a motor vehicle on the forest

The Motor Vehicle Use Map is free and available online and at Ranger District Offices.


ATVs and Side-by-Sides are ONLY permitted in the following designated use areas:

Keep in mind that trails have a different size limitation than the roads, the trails are designed for smaller, older style ATVs 50” or under in width.  The roads allow for larger more modern ATVs such as side by sides that tend to be 60” – 72” wide.

  • Cowlitz Valley Ranger District - Randle, WA
    • Pipeline Trail #74
    • Valley Trail #270 (Milepost 7.4 – 15.5). *Seasonal closure to motorized use from 12/1 to 3/31.
    • Campground #270A
    • Blue Lake Ridge Trail #271 (Milepost 0 – 2.7 and Milepost 3.7 – 9.8)
    • Jump-off Trail #271A
    • Robber Creek #271B
    • Mouse Lake #271C
    • Mini-Bike Loop A #118A
    • Mini-Bike Loop B #118B
    • Mini-Bike Loop C #118C
    • Cat Creek Short Loop #118D
  • Mount Adams Ranger District – Trout Lake, WA
    • Middle Trail #26
    • Service Trail #35
  • ROADS Open to all Vehicles- These roads are open to all motor vehicles, including smaller off-highway vehicles that may not be licensed for highway use (but not to oversize or overweight vehicles under State traffic law):
    • Cowlitz Valley Ranger District – Randle, WA
      • Forest Service Road 7800000 (from Forest Service Road 2100000 to Road 7807000 junction ONLY)
      • Forest Service Road 7807000 (from Road 7800000 to Road 7807060 junction ONLY)
      • Forest Service Road 7812000
      • Forest Service Road 7808000

E-bikes (electric assisted bikes)

E-bikes have motors and as such, are only allowed on motorized trails and roads.

Featured riding areas:

Most of the trails in the Blue Lake area have been reconstructed to trailbike or ATV standards and are easier to ride than other trails. For riders new to the forest, this is the area to ride first. Several loop rides are possible without riding any roads.

The Dark Divide and High Lakes trails are much more difficult to ride. Dual Sport bikes are needed to make loop rides because it is generally necessary to ride roads to get from one trail to another.

The Dark Divide trails are extreme in every sense of the word.
The trails can be extremely narrow, often the width of a tire. Most of the trails have extremely steep side slopes with rocks and stumps hidden in the bushes. Hitting one of these could result in high siding and falling down steep hillsides. It may be difficult or impossible to retrieve the bike. Riders should be realistic about their abilities, have lightweight bikes and be in good physical condition. Wear good gear, right for the weather. Even the weather can be extreme. Read up on the trails, plan a route and be realistic.

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