Dog sledding (or mushing) primarily occurs on the groomed snowmobile trails in the Little Belt Mountains. A parking lot was recently completed for mushers in the Winter Recreation Area parking lot at Kings Hill. 

Dog Sledding Etiquette:

  • Remember you are sharing trails with snowmobilers who are going faster than you and also cannot hear you coming.  Be as highly visible as you can be, yield to snowmobiles, pay attention to who is coming, particularly on corners, and be ready to get out of the way. 
  • Keep your sled on the right side of the trails, and pull over as far as you can when being approached either head on or from behind by a snowmobile. 
  • Stop only in areas where you are clearly visible from both directions. 
  • Use common courtesy when meeting with any other user on the trails.
  • Most people are not used to dog teams, and may not know what etiquette to follow when meeting you.  Don’t hesitate to politely inform them of the best ways to approach or pass your team.
  • Plan your route before you go and stick to it.  Let someone know where you are, and when you plan to be back.

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Mushing/Skijoring Areas

  • Castle Mountain Range area description
  • Kading Cabin
  • Calf Creek Cabin
  • Hunters Spring Cabin
  • Kings Hill Cabin
  • Monument Peak Lookout
  • Rocky Mountain Range area description
  • West Fork Cabin
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