XC Skiing/Snowshoeing

Cross Country Skiing

The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest provides a multitude of groomed and ungroomed cross country ski routes.  

Trail Etiquette:

  • It is each skier’s duty to ski responsibly, under control, and with consideration for others.
  • Be courteous - You may encounter skiers of different abilities along the trails.
  • Ski under control; be able to stop at any time.
  • Pass on the left if overtaking a slower skier, giving audible signals when passing.
  • Don’t block the trail.
  • Travel the right direction on one-way trails.
  • On two-way trails be watchful for oncoming skiers, particularly on uphill and downhill sections or where visibility is limited.

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XC Skiing/Snowshoeing Areas

  • Big Belt Mountains area description
  • Indian Flats Cabin
  • Rillway Cabin
  • Skidway Cross-Country Ski Trail
  • Castle Mountain Range area description
  • Continental Divide area description
  • Granite Butte Lookout
  • Kading Cabin
  • Mac Donald Pass Cross-Country Ski Trails
  • Mac Donald Pass Ski Trailhead
  • Moose Creek Cabin
  • Elkhorn Mountains area description
  • Strawberry Lookout Cabin
  • Highwood Mountain Range area description
  • Little Belt Mountains area description
  • Calf Creek Cabin
  • Dry Wolf Cabin
  • Hunters Spring Cabin
  • Judith Guard Station Cabin
  • Kings Hill Cabin
  • Monument Peak Lookout
  • Silver Crest Winter Recreation Area
  • Rocky Mountain Range area description
  • Kenck Cabin
  • West Fork Cabin
  • Crystal Lake Cabin
  • Upper Blackfoot area description
  • Cummings Cabin
  • Divide Ski Trail
  • N. Stemple Ski Trail
  • Stemple Pass Trailhead

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities