OHV Camping

There are two designated ORV trailhead Campgrounds - Mack Lake and Meadows located on the Huron portion of the Forest.  Otherwise, camping is not permitted at trailheads.

Designated and/or Dispersed Campground/Sites

OHVs are not allowed to be ridden on campground roads unless posted otherwise.   Please camp away from streams, avoiding wetlands and practice “leave no trace” etiquette.

Hunting & Retrieving Game Cross-Country Prohibited

The use of OHV/ORV is allowed only on designated roads and trails. Cross Country travel is NOT allowed.  It is illeg...

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OHV Camping Areas

  • Huron NF OHV Trails area description
  • Mack Lake Motorized Trail System area description
  • Mack Lake ORV Campground
  • Meadows ORV Complex area description
  • Meadows ORV Campground

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities