Campground Camping

Campsite Setting

Most of our developed campgrounds are adjacent to one of our many lakes or streams.  With so much variety you can enjoy the water sport of your choosing - fishing, floating, boating, canoeing, kayaking, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Camping stay limits are in effect across the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. Read Order F-09-001 for all limits.

Campground Camping Areas

  • Big Creek Campground
  • Coeur d'Alene River Area
  • Beauty Creek Campground
  • Bell Bay Campground
  • Big Hank Campground
  • Bumblebee Campground
  • Devil's Elbow Campground
  • Honeysuckle Campground
  • Kit Price Campground
  • Mokins Bay Campground
  • Lower Kootenai River Area
  • Copper Creek Campground
  • Meadow Creek Campground
  • Robinson Lake Campground
  • Smith Lake Campground
  • Snyder Guard Station
  • Pend Oreille Lake Area
  • Green Bay Campground
  • Sam Owen Campground
  • Whiskey Rock Bay Campground
  • Priest Lake Area
  • Bartoo Island Group Site/Campgrounds
  • Beaver Creek Campground
  • Geisinger Campground
  • Kalispell Island Group Site and other Campgrounds
  • Luby Bay Campground
  • Navigation Campground
  • Osprey Campground
  • Outlet at Priest Lake Campground
  • Plowboy Campground
  • Reeder Bay Campground
  • Trapper Creek Campground
  • St. Joe River Area
  • Big Creek Trails
  • Camp 3 Campground
  • Cedar Creek Campground
  • Conrad Crossing Campground
  • Emerald Creek Campground
  • Fly Flat Campground
  • Line Creek Stock Camp
  • Mammoth Springs Campground
  • Packsaddle Campground
  • Shadowy St. Joe Campground
  • Spruce Tree Campground
  • St. Joe Wild & Scenic River
  • Telichpah Campground
  • Tin Can Flat Campground
  • Turner Flat Campground

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities