RV Camping

Many of our campgrounds offer campsites that are suitable for RVs but please check for size limits.  A few may offer additional amenities for RVs.

RV Camping Areas

  • Coeur d'Alene River Area area description
  • Bumblebee Campground
  • Kit Price Campground
  • Lower Kootenai River Area area description
  • Copper Creek Campground
  • Meadow Creek Campground
  • Robinson Lake Campground
  • Snyder Guard Station
  • Pend Oreille Lake Area area description
  • Sam Owen Campground
  • Priest Lake Area area description
  • Luby Bay Campground
  • St. Joe River Area area description
  • Big Creek Campground
  • Camp 3 Campground
  • Cedar Creek Campground
  • Conrad Crossing Campground
  • Emerald Creek Campground
  • Fly Flat Campground
  • Heller Creek Campground
  • Mammoth Springs Campground
  • Shadowy St. Joe Campground
  • Spruce Tree Campground
  • Telichpah Campground
  • Tin Can Flat Campground
  • Turner Flat Campground
Areas & Activities