RV Camping

Each year thousands of visitors bring recreational vehicles (RV's) to the forest.  Most developed campgrounds on the Klamath can accommodate RV's but there are no campgrounds that have hook-ups or showers.  RV campers may also take advantage of dispersed camping areas but access to remote portions of the forest may be difficult for large RV's to navigate on narrow, windy forest roads. 

When camping with your RV please keep in mind the following:

  • The Klamath does not have a dump station.  All grey and black water must be held in storage tanks.  Dumping RV water on the ground or along side of roads is illegal.  Inquire in local communities for locations of commercial dump stations and plan accordingly.
  • Always plan ahead for accumulation and storage of your garbage and take it with you when you leave. Never burn or bury garbage in the forest.
  • Do not destroy trees or vegetation to create a campsite for your RV, tent or table.  Park your RV in an area that has been used before and stay back 100 fee from rivers, streams or lakes unless in a developed campground.

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RV Camping Areas

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Be aware that firewood can harbor insects and diseases; transporting it can move these pests to new locations.