Horse Riding

While horses are welcome in all areas of the forest and wilderness areas, some Klamath trails may not be suitable or safe for horses or pack stock.  Plan your day rides and overnight trips carefully.  Before embarking on your backcountry trip, be sure to develop the riding skills that will keep you safe and help you enjoy your trip. A good topo map and trail guide are essential.  Check individual trailheads on this website for specific information. 

You can help protect the Klamath's Wilderness Areas and backcountry by using low-impact techniques.  Stock can damage trees and their roots if tied to them for long periods, so only tie stock to trees for time periods of less than one hour.  Use high-lines, hobbles, pickets, and electric fences to contain stock for longer periods. The Forest Service requests and recommends weed free feed for horses entering the wilderness areas.

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