Horse Camping

Camping with your horse and enjoying a ride into the forest every day is a special treat.  The Klamath has created several places where horses and their owners can be safe and comfortable with access to some of the most beautiful trails in California.  All horse camps provide some type of corral or enclosure and a source for stock water.  Some have loading ramps and hitching rails. Hidden Horse has a mounting block located in space 2 that is available for all riders in the camp.  All are first come, first served except for Carter Meadows Group Camp which is reservation only.  Call the District Office to confirm that water is available and to check on current trail conditions. 

While horses are welcome in all areas of the forest and wilderness areas, some Klamath trails may not be suitable or safe for horses or pack stock.  Plan your overnight trips carefully.  A good topographic map and trail guide are essential.  Check individual trailheads on this website for information about facilities.  Before embarking on your backcountry expedition, be sure to develop the packing and riding skills that will keep you safe and help you enjoy your trip.

You can help protect the Klamath's Wilderness Areas and back country by using low-impact techniques.  Stock can damage trees and their roots if tied to them for long periods, so only tie stock to trees for time periods of less than one hour.  Use high-lines, hobbles, pickets, and electric fences to contain stock for longer periods. The Forest Service requests and recommends weed free feed for horses entering the wilderness areas.

Horse Camping Areas

  • Goosenest Ranger District
  • Martins Dairy Horse Camp
  • Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District
  • Grider Creek Campground
  • Norcross Campground
  • Salmon National Wild & Scenic River
  • Wooley Creek Trailhead
  • Salmon/Scott River Ranger District
  • Big Flat Campground
  • Big Flat Trailhead
  • Carter Meadows Campground
  • Hidden Horse Campground
  • Lovers Camp Campground
  • Lovers Camp Trailhead
  • Mule Bridge Trailhead
  • Mulebridge Campground

Recreation Areas

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