Campground Camping

Most of our developed campgrounds are adjacent to one of our many lakes or streams. With so much variety you can enjoy the water sport of your choosing - fishing, floating, boating, canoeing, kayaking, or simply relaxing on the beach. See our Campground Information Brochure [PDF, 438K] for summary information listing of our campgrounds and associated amenities.

Campground Camping Areas

  • Bull Lake Area
  • Bad Medicine Campground
  • Dorr Skeels Campground
  • Spar Lake Campground
  • Yaak River Campground
  • Clark Fork River Area
  • Big Eddy Campground
  • Bull River Campground and Group Site
  • Jackpine Flats Campground
  • Marten Creek Campground
  • North Shore Campground
  • Willow Creek Campground
  • Fisher River Area
  • Lake Creek Campground
  • McGregor Lake Campground
  • Pleasant Valley Campground
  • Koocanusa Area
  • Barron Creek Boating Site
  • Camp 32
  • McGillivray Campground and Group Sites
  • Peck Gulch Campground
  • Rexford Bench Campground
  • Rocky Gorge Campground
  • Swisher Lake Campground
  • Tobacco River Campground
  • Libby Area
  • Howard Lake Campground
  • Loon Lake Campground
  • Timberlane Campground
  • Tobacco Area
  • Big Therriault Lake Campground
  • Gateway Boat Camp
  • Grave Creek Campground
  • Little Therriault Lake
  • North Dickey Lake Campground
  • South Dickey Lake Group Picnic Area
  • Yaak Area
  • Caribou Campground
  • Kilbrennan Lake Campground
  • Pete Creek Campground
  • Red Top Campground
  • Whitetail Campground
  • Yaak Falls Campground

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities