Lake and Pond Fishing

The two premiere waterbodies on the KNF are impoundments created by major hydroelectric facilities. Both offer fantastic fishing, but with very different focuses. The first, Lake Koocanusa formed by Libby Dam, offers exceptional fishing for kokanee salmon most of the year. These small landlocked versions of the Pacific sockeye salmon make for absolutely wonderful table fare. Though small, generous bag limits and fast fishing, make up for what they lack in size. Though not as common, large rai...

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Lake and Pond Fishing Areas

  • Bull Lake Area area description
  • #423 Grouse Lake
  • Bad Medicine Campground
  • Dorr Skeels Campground
  • Spar Lake Campground
  • Clark Fork River Area area description
  • Big Eddy Campground
  • Bull River Campground and Group Site
  • Triangle Pond
  • Fisher River Area area description
  • Logan State Park
  • McGregor Lake Campground
  • Sylvan Lake Campground
  • Koocanusa Area area description
  • Barron Creek Boating Site
  • McGillivray Campground and Group Sites
  • Peck Gulch Campground
  • Rexford Bench Campground
  • Rocky Gorge Campground
  • Tobacco River Campground
  • Webb Mountain Lookout
  • Libby Area area description
  • Howard Lake Campground
  • Loon Lake Campground
  • Tobacco Area area description
  • Big Therriault Lake Campground
  • Gateway Boat Camp
  • Little Therriault Lake
  • North Dickey Lake Campground
  • South Dickey Lake Group Picnic Area
  • Tobacco Plains Picnic Area
  • Yaak Area area description
  • Kilbrennan Lake Campground
Areas & Activities