Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in forest can be anything from a challenging ride on the Tahoe Rim Trail to a leisurely ride along backcountry roads. This high alpine environment can be unforgiving to the unprepared. Riders should carry water, food, clothing and tools and be prepared for changing weather, riding conditions and accidents. Most trails travel through remote areas where help is not readily available.

Popular mountain bike routes include the Tahoe Rim Trail, Corral, Saxon Creek, Tyrolian, Star Lake, Stanford Rock, Monument Trail, Van Sickle, Power Line Trail, Sidewinder, Armstrong ...

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Mountain Biking Areas

  • Lake Tahoe - East Shore area description
  • Genoa Peak (Tahoe Rim Trail)
  • Marlette Lake/Flume Trail
  • Lake Tahoe - North Shore area description
  • Brockway Summit/Martis Peak
  • Lake Tahoe - South Shore area description
  • Angora Ridge
  • Big Meadows (TRT)
  • Camp Richardson
  • Fallen Leaf Campground
  • Fountain Place
  • Kingsbury to Big Meadows (TRT)
  • Kiva Picnic Area
  • Pope Beach
  • Powerline Trail
  • Saxon Creek
  • Tallac Historic Site
  • Taylor Creek Visitor Center
  • Lake Tahoe - West Shore area description
  • Meeks Bay Campground
  • Meeks Bay Day Use Area
Areas & Activities