Other Activities

Log Haul Activity on the Forest

Expect Haul Activity on the Following Roads:

 -  NF-2010 and NF-2055 to County Road 20 then East to Highway 7

 -  NF-925 to NF-15 to highway 395

 -  NF-1619 and NF-1620 to NF-16 and West to Seneca

 -  NF-2614 and NF-2612 to Highway 26

 -  NF-1630-616 and NF-1630 to NF-15. North up NF-15 to NF-17 to Highway 395

 -  Elk Flat area on NF-1370 to NF-13 and down to County Road 62 to Prairie City

Areas & Activities