Dispersed Camping

Campers can go anywhere in the National Forest outside of a designated campground not posted as closed. Chose a campsite on bare or compacted soil when possible, or areas that have already been established. Avoid alpine meadows. For the best information on dispersed camping opportunities, please contact the ranger district offices.

Camping or residing on any individual Ranger District in excess of 14 days during any 30 day period is prohibited.

Campers are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Do not blaze new roads to campsites or cut, harm vegetation or construct a trail.
  • Do not drive beyond constructed physical barriers, such as berms or gates. 
  • Do not drive through streams or wetlands to access a camp.
  • Use proper precautions when building campfires.
  • Pack out trash and dispose of human waste properly.

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Dispersed Camping Areas

  • Mather Memorial Parkway (SR 410) area description
  • Ashland Lakes Trail
  • Bear Lake Trail 703
  • Coal Lake Trail 632 area description
  • Coal Lake/Independence Lake Trailhead
  • Hannegan Pass Trail 674 area description
  • Hannegan Trailhead
  • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 Suiattle Pass
Areas & Activities