Group Camping

[Photograph]: Four campers enjoying an outdoor meal with a tent in background.

When planning a trip with 2 or more families or for a family reunion, consider reserving one of the group camps on the Mendocino. Depending on the weather, most group campgrounds open mid to late May and stay open until the water systems are shut down for the winter in October.

Reservations are available thru

Some of the many advantages to being in the group camp instead of several family camps include:

  • Group camps may save you money depending on the number of people you have and the number of vehicles, recreational vehicles, or boats that need parking.
  • Group camps allow you to eat together as a group and in some cases, have special cooking facilities and garbage bins.
  • Group camps usually have restrooms located nearby for the group that are generally not used by the other campers in the area.
  • Group camps are generally set apart from the family camps so the additional noise created by the group does not bother other people.
  • Group camps are assigned by reservation only so you know when you get there that your entire group will be together.

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Group Camping Areas

  • General Campgrounds & Trailheads area description
  • Masterson Group Campground
  • Lake Pillsbury area description
  • Fuller Grove Group Campground
  • Red Bluff Recreation Area area description
  • Camp Discovery Group Campground
  • Stonyford Recreation Area area description
  • Gray Pine Group Campground
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