Horse Riding

[Photograph]:  Horse at Creek Crossing - Haynes Delight Trail - Yolla Bolly Wilderness.

Horse riding in the Mendocino National Forest provides a mix of stunning scenery and fabulous mountain trail riding. Ride through ancient Douglas fir tree stands to high vistas with views across deep river valleys and barren ridge tops.

Horse Riding Areas

  • General Campgrounds & Trailheads
  • Grindstone Trailhead
  • Hell Hole Trailhead
  • Lantz Ridge Trailhead
  • Thomes Gorge Trailhead
  • Travelers Home Trailhead
  • Sanhedrin Wilderness
  • Snow Mountain Wilderness
  • Bathhouse Trailhead
  • Bear Wallow Trailhead
  • Cold Creek Trailhead
  • Deafy Glade Trailhead
  • Summit Springs Trailhead
  • West Crockett Trailhead
  • Windy Point Trailhead
  • Stonyford Recreation Area
  • Upper Lake Recreation Area
  • Middle Creek Campground
  • Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness
  • Asa Bean Trailhead
  • Blands Cove Trailhead
  • Elk Lake Trailhead
  • Foster Glade Trailhead
  • Georges Valley Trailhead
  • Green Springs Campground
  • Ides Cove Backpacker Trailhead
  • Ides Cove Horsepacker Trailhead
  • Rock Cabin Trailhead
  • Smokehouse Ridge Trailhead
  • Soldier Ridge Trailhead
  • Sticklake Trailhead
  • Yuki Wilderness

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities