Swimming is permitted in Mt. Hood National Forest waters unless posted otherwise. Water temperatures are generally extremely cold. Exercise caution to prevent hypothermia. Also, river currents and eddies can be powerful. Avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters.

Warmer weather can bring blue-green algae blooms to lakes.  Learn more...

Swimming Areas

  • Barlow Ranger District area description
  • Badger Lake Campground
  • Rock Creek Reservoir Campground area description
  • Rock Creek Reservoir Day Use/Picnic Site
  • Hood River Ranger District area description
  • Black Lake Campground
  • Clear Lake Campground area description
  • Clear Lake Day Use/Picnic Site
  • Clear Lake Overflow Camping Area
  • Frog Lake Campground area description
  • Frog Lake Butte Trailhead
  • Frog Lake Day Use/Picnic Site
  • Kinnikinnick (Laurance Lake) Campground area description
  • Lakeshore Trail #656 area description
  • Lakeshore Trailhead
  • Lost Lake Butte Trail #616 area description
  • Lost Lake Butte Trailhead
  • Lost Lake Campground, Resort and Day Use Area
  • Old Growth Trail #657 area description
  • Old Growth Trailhead
  • Zigzag Ranger District area description
  • Clackamas Lake Campground
  • Gone Creek (Timothy Lake) Campground
  • Hoodview (Timothy Lake) Campground
  • Meditation Point (Timothy Lake) Campground
  • North Arm (Timothy Lake) Campground
  • Oak Fork (Timothy Lake) Campground
  • Pine Point Campground area description
  • Pine Point (Timothy Lake) Day Use/Picnic Area
  • Pine Point Boat Ramp Boating Site
  • Timothy Lake (West Shore) PGE Trailhead area description
  • Trillium Lake Campground and Day Use Area
Areas & Activities