Recreational Mineral, Rock and Fossil Collecting on the Mark Twain National Forest

Recreational collecting is the occasional surficial removal of small (reasonable) amounts of samples (hand-size) of rocks or minerals for personal use only. Samples are not to be sold, bartered or collected for commercial purposes. For a printable brochure Click Here.

Things To Remember:

1. Collection of reasonable amounts of rocks, minerals or common fossils is allowed for personal use only and is not to be sold or bartered for commercial purposes.

2. Collection is from surface only.

3. No undue or unnecessary degradation of the land is allowed during the removal of rocks, minerals or fossils.

4. Goldpanning is limited to the use of gold pans and restricted to active stream beds and unvegetated gravel bars.

5. Collection and removal cannot be aided with motorized equipment or sluice boxes.

6. Collecting from wilderness areas, caves and historical or archeological areas is not allowed.

7. Do not excavate, remove, disturb or deface historical or archeological resources.

8. Mark Twain National Forests lands are not contiguous, so be careful not to trespass on private lands.

9. Remove all litter.

10. When in doubt, contact the appropriate District Office.

Rockhounding Areas

  • Potosi/Fredericktown Ranger District

Recreation Areas

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