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Over one half of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests are Wilderness. The remoteness of our forests adds to their allure, requiring a commitment of time from visitors along with backcountry and recreation skills. Be prepared for quickly changing weather conditions and terrain. There are no communication services in most areas of the forest.

Backpacking Areas

  • Highway 14 Corridor area description
  • Columbia Ridge Trail #205
  • Driveway Route
  • Flint Creek Trailhead
  • Johns Creek Trailhead
  • Orogrande Summit Campground
  • Sam's Creek Campground
  • Lochsa/Highway 12 Corridor area description
  • Colt Creek Trailhead
  • Eagle Mountain Trailhead
  • Elk Summit Campground
  • Glade Creek Group Campground
  • Knife Edge Campground and River Access
  • Lolo Creek Campground
  • Mocus Point Trailhead
  • Powell Campground
  • Sherman Creek Trail #203
  • Split Creek Trailhead and River Access
  • Warm Springs Trailhead
  • Wendover Campground
  • White Sand Campground
  • Whitehouse Campground
  • Wilderness Gateway Campground
  • Lolo Trail Corridor area description
  • Weitas Guard Station
  • Magruder Road Corridor area description
  • 14 Mile Trailhead
  • Dixie Wagon Road Trail #222
  • Dry Saddle Trailhead
  • Parallel Trail #668
  • Poet Creek Campground
  • Porters Trail #508
  • Running Creek Trail 533
  • Spook Creek Trail #513
  • North Fork of the Clearwater Corridor area description
  • Fish Lake Trailhead
  • Fourth Of July Trailhead
  • Isabella Landing Trailhead
  • Isabella Point Trailhead
  • Junction Mountain Trailhead
  • Kelly Creek
  • Kelly Forks Campground
  • Liz Creek Cabin
  • Smith Ridge Trailhead
  • Palouse Corridor area description
  • Selway River Corridor area description
  • Boyd Creek Campground
  • East Boyd Trail #703
  • Fog Mountain Trailhead
  • Gedney Trail #708
  • Glover Ridge Trail #704
  • Selway River Trail #4
  • Twenty-five Mile Bar Campground
Areas & Activities