Viewing Wildlife

Otter in a flatwoods pond

Wildlife watching in the Ocala National Forest is a delight, especially for birders. With the state's largest populations of Florida black bears and Florida scrub-jays as well as red-cockaded woodpeckers, Sherman's fox squirrel, and the Florida sand skink, our vast acreage provides a home for species that have otherwise lost massive swaths of habitat throughout the state of Florida.

Viewing Wildlife Areas

  • Alexander Springs Recreation Area area description
  • Alexander Run
  • Billies Bay Wilderness
  • Chain of Lakes
  • Clearwater Lake Nature Trail
  • Farles Prairie Recreation Area
  • Fore Lake Recreation Area area description
  • Hopkins Prairie Campground
  • Juniper Springs Recreation Area area description
  • Juniper Run area description
  • Lake Eaton Trail
  • Bear Swamp Trail
  • Salt Springs Run