Lake and Pond Fishing

The Ottawa National Forest has over 500 named lakes and nearly 2,000 miles of rivers and streams awaiting anglers visiting the Forest. We have listed some of them here for you. As you use this site, we hope you find a lot of valuable information for your use. Good Luck!!!

Lake and Pond Fishing Areas

  • Bessemer Ranger District area description
  • Black River Harbor Recreation Area area description
  • Bobcat Lake Campground
  • Henry Lake Campground
  • Langford Lake Campground
  • Moosehead Lake Campground
  • Pomeroy Lake Campground
  • Iron River Ranger District area description
  • Golden Lake Campground
  • Lake Ottawa Recreation Area area description
  • Bass Lake
  • Brule Lake
  • Hagerman Lake
  • Kenton Ranger District area description
  • Lake On Three
  • Lake Ste Kathryn Campground
  • Norway Lake Campground
  • Perch Lake Campground
  • Tepee Lake
  • Ontonagon Ranger District area description
  • Bob Lake Campground
  • Courtney Lake Campground area description
  • Watersmeet Ranger District area description
  • Imp Lake Campground
  • Marion Lake Campground
  • Robbins Pond Campground
  • Sylvania Wilderness Backcountry Camping area description