Forest Service Closes Caves and Mines to Slow the Spread of White-nose Syndrome

April 24, 2009, U.S. Forest Service, Eastern Region Deputy Regional Forester Logan Lee signed an emergency closure order for all caves and mines on NFS lands in the Eastern Region in response to white nose syndrome affecting endangered bat species.

Forest Service officials are very concerned about the spread of White-nose Syndrome, a malady of unknown origin that has led to the death of nearly 500,000 bats in the New England and Mid-Atlantic States. There is evidence to suggest that human visitors to infected caves can inadvertently transfer White-nose Syndrome to clean caves and mines. To help slow the spread of White-nose Syndrome to other areas of the United States, the Forest Service has joined with other agencies and caving organizations to temporarily close caves and mines on National Forests in the Eastern and Southern Regions.


For more information, Contact:
Brian Bogaczyk, Ottawa National Forest Wildlife Biologist, 906-932-1330 ext. 509 or

Ben Toole, Ottawa National Forest Wildlife Biologist, 906-852-3500 ext. 22 or

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