Boating - Non-Motorized

With over 500 lakes and more than 2000 miles of fishable stream, and over 130,000 acres of wetlands, the Ottawa aquatic resources are abundant and diverse.  This is all available for those outdoor enthusiast who want to get on the canoe or kayak and enjoy the scenery.

Boating - Non-Motorized Areas

  • Bessemer Ranger District
  • Bobcat Lake Campground
  • Henry Lake Campground
  • Iron River Ranger District
  • Lake Ottawa Recreation Area
  • Paint River Forks Campground
  • Kenton Ranger District
  • Lake Ste Kathryn Campground
  • Norway Lake Campground
  • Perch Lake Campground
  • Sparrow Rapids Campground
  • Sturgeon River Campground
  • Ontonagon Ranger District
  • Bob Lake Campground
  • Courtney Lake Campground
  • Watersmeet Ranger District
  • Burned Dam Campground
  • Imp Lake Campground
  • Robbins Pond Campground
  • Sylvania Wilderness Backcountry Camping

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities