OHV Trail Riding

There are many opportunities to ride your Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) in the Ouachita National Forest. Be sure to read the Back Country Brochure for rules and regulations before heading out. The maps below show designated OHV routes in the Ouachita National Forest, broken down by district. More detailed maps including all roads and trails that are open to travel by the public on motorized vehicles are available here. Tables that also accompany these maps list seasonal road closures for the districts are also available on the MVUM page. Scroll down to see the tables listed under the MVUM maps. 

Caddo East (Caddo-Womble District)
Caddo West (Caddo-Womble District)
Choctaw (OK District)
Cold Springs (Poteau-Cold Springs District)
Fourche North (Jessieville-Winona-Fourche District)
Fourche South (Jessieville-Winona-Fourche District)
Jessieville (Jessieville-Winona-Fourche District)
Kiamichi (OK District)
Mena North (Mena-Oden District)
Mena South (Mena-Oden District)
Oden (Mena-Oden District)
Poteau (Poteau-Cold Springs District)
Tiak North (OK District)
Tiak South (OK District)
Winona (Jessieville-Winona-Fourche District)
Womble East (Caddo-Womble District)
Womble West (Caddo-Womble District)

There are also designated OHV trail systems within the forest. They are listed below underneath their particular district heading.

OHV Trail Riding Areas

  • Caddo/Womble Ranger District
  • Jessieville Winona Fourche Ranger District
  • Mena/Oden Ranger District
  • Wolf Pen Gap
  • Oklahoma Ranger District
  • Boardstand /Military Road
  • Poteau/Cold Springs Ranger District
  • Belle Starr Multi-Use
  • Belle Starr North Parking/Trailhead
  • Belle Starr West Parking/Trailhead
  • Fourche Mountain Trail
  • Sugar Creek Multiuse

Recreation Areas

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