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The Payette Avalanche Center Needs Your Help!

We encourage everyone who ventures into the winter backcountry to critically analyze avalanche, snow, and weather conditions and share current information with their local avalanche center. Public observations are an invaluable source of information that help everyone who travels in the backcountry make safe decisions. These observations are crucial to the PAC’s forecasting efforts. They are incredibly helpful in a large forecast area and help save lives.

You don’t have to be an avalanche professional to contribute valuable information. Pictures of recent avalanche activity, red flags such as cracking or collapsing, and even reports of stable conditions help the Payette Avalanche Center publish the most accurate advisory possible. Observations for the McCall region and throughout the Payette can be submitted HERE.

Especially useful information includes:

  • Evidence of recent avalanche activity
  • Signs of instability such as shooting cracks and/or collapsing (whoomphing)
  • Dynamic weather such as high winds with visible snow transport and/or heavy precipitation
  • Skiing, riding, and snowmobiling conditions

Contact the PAC team directly at:

Find more information on the Payette Avalanche Center HERE.


Winter Pano



Winter weather has a tendency to change unexpectedly. Winter recreationists should carry a topographical map of the area they plan to visit to compliment the Payette Winter Travel Map, as well as additional navigational aids such as a compass and GPS. Adequate clothing, food, water, and supplies to support individual and group are always recommended for any backcountry winter travel.

An avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe are standard equipment for winter backcountry travel in Idaho’s mountainous terrain. Get the gear, get the knowledge, and reference the Payette Avalanche Center for current avalanche conditions in the McCall area. 


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