Campground Camping

There are 11 family campgrounds on the Prescott National Forest, three of which are open year-round (White Spar, Powell Springs, and Alto Pit.  In addition to the campgrounds listed below, there is also an equestrian campground for people camping with horses only (Groom Creek Horse Camp), and another specialized campground is located inside Alto Pit OHV Area where anyone is welcome to spend the night (Alto Pit OHV Campground).  

Which sites can be reserved?  

Group campgrounds and picnic sites must be reserved in advance, and some campsites in family campgrounds have sites that can be reserved as well. More information about the reservation system.


Camping on Holiday Weekends on Prescott National Forest

Campsites in developed campgrounds and the designated dispersed sites in the Prescott Basin often fill up by the Thursday preceding holiday weekends. Please visit Camping on Holiday Weekends on Prescott National Forest for advice on where you can camp when these sites are full.



  • Camping on Prescott National Forest is limited to 14-days in 30-day consecutive period which includes stays at dispersed sites. (See Dispersed Camping for more information, and  Prescott Basin Designated Dispersed Camping for restrictions to dispersed camping in the area surrounding the City of Prescott.)
  • Quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Dogs must be on a leash (6’ maximum)
  • Fireworks and OHV/ATV use is prohibited in developed campgrounds.
  • Camp Unit = An RV, a tow vehicle & trailer, or a single vehicle
  • Number of Camp Units allowed:  One per Single campsite; Two per Double campsite
  • Extra Vehicle Fee (to be paid on-site upon arrival):  $5/night/extra vehicle. Note: Some sites will not accommodate extra vehicles.  
  • Maximum number of extra vehicles:  1 at single campsites; 2 at double campsites
  • Permits for non-reservation campsites are available at self-service fee stations. Exact change is required  as we do not keep cash on-site.

Campground Camping Areas

  • Bradshaw Ranger District
  • Crown King Area (Horsethief Basin)
  • Hazlett Hollow Campground
  • Granite Basin Recreation Area
  • Yavapai Campground
  • Groom Creek Area
  • Lower Wolf Creek Campground
  • Lynx Lake Recreation Area
  • Hilltop Campground
  • Lynx Campground
  • Prescott to Wickenberg via White Spar Road
  • White Spar Campground
  • Verde Ranger District
  • Cherry Area
  • Powell Springs Campground
  • Mingus Mountain
  • Mingus Mountain Campground
  • Potato Patch Campground

Recreation Areas

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