Campground Camping

There are 11 family campgrounds on the Prescott National Forest, three of which are open year-round (White Spar, Powell Springs, and Alto Pit.  In addition to the campgrounds listed below, there is also an equestrian campground for people camping with horses only (Groom Creek Horse Camp...

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Campground Camping Areas

  • Bradshaw Ranger District area description
  • Crown King Area (Horsethief Basin) area description
  • Hazlett Hollow Campground
  • Granite Basin Recreation Area area description
  • Yavapai Campground
  • Groom Creek Area area description
  • Lower Wolf Creek Campground
  • Lynx Lake Recreation Area area description
  • Hilltop Campground
  • Lynx Campground
  • Prescott to Wickenberg via White Spar Road area description
  • White Spar Campground
  • Verde Ranger District area description
  • Cherry Area area description
  • Powell Springs Campground
  • Mingus Mountain area description
  • Mingus Mountain Campground
  • Potato Patch Campground

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities