Dispersed Camping

Dispersed camping is a great way to enjoy the experience of camping away from developed campgrounds. Keep in mind, there are no picnic tables, drinking water, or toilets available. Choosing sites that have already been used as camp areas is a good way to limit resource damage to one area, rather than creating new camps.

  • Where Can You Dispersed Camp?

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    Use our free Motor Vehicle Use Maps to find out where you can camp outside of a developed campground! In designated dispersed camping areas, motorized vehicles can travel up to 300 feet off an open road, but only if such travel does not cause resource damage. Driving cross country is never allowed. 

  • Dispersed Camping Regulations & Guidelines

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    Find out how to select your campsite, where to store your food and trash properly to avoid unwanted wildlife visits, when and where to have campfires, what to do with your waste and how long can you stay.

Dispersed Camping Areas

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