Mountain Biking


There is an extensive system of trails throughout the forest, and with the exception of designated Wilderness, most trails are open to mountain biking.  The most popular areas are the foothills east of Santa Fe, trails near Los Alamos and the south Jemez area.

Ride under control at all times, and avoid skidding the rear wheel on downhill runs, which can lead to trail damage and rutting.   

Hikers and horses have the right of way over a bike- bikers should always yield to hikers or equestrians.  Exercise caution when approaching horses, slow down or stop, and speak to the horse and rider.  This can let the animal identify you as a person.  Horses can react unpredictably to the sudden appearance of a fast-moving person on a strange machine.

Please do not ride off designated routes.  Vegetation can be easily damaged, and the decomposed granite soils are very susceptible to erosion.

If you pack something in, please pack it pack out.

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