OHV Trail Riding

The San Bernardino offers some of the best OHV trail riding experiences in Southern California.  Alway check local conditions ahead of your visit...

OHV Trails are limited to vehicles less than 50" wide.*

Green Sticker vehicles (less than 50" wide) are permitted year-around

Red Sticker vehicles (less than 50" wide) riding season:

San Bernardino County - October 1 through April 30

Riverside County - October 1 through May 31

All applicable California Vehicle Code laws apply.

*(Allesandro and Devil's Hole trails are single track, motorcycle only routes)

  • Don't Move Firewood

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    Don’t risk starting a new infestation of an invasive insect or disease. You have the power to save trees. Buy firewood near where you’ll burn it, buy certified heat-treated firewood ahead of time, or gather firewood on site where permitted. These actions prevent the movement of tree-killing pests that could destroy forests in the places you love. Protect the trees every place you go- whether for a camping trip, RV adventure, family reunion, or up to hunting camp. The same goes in reverse- don’t bring firewood back from where you visited or camped, either. Instead, use firewood purchased locally, gather firewood on site, or buy certified heat-treated wood.

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